What To Look For At Your Local Chinese Restaurant

Australia is a very multicultural country with hundreds of different ethnicities and cultures represented from the big cities to the rural towns. Among these there is a growing community of Chinese Australians across the country who have brought their own delicious dishes and recipes to Australia, leading to a growing number of Chinese restaurants. With so many options for Chinese food, it can be hard to know what to look for when choosing a place to eat at, so here are some tips to help you choose the best place and the best food.


Seafood is a staple across lots of Asia, and China is no exception. Many Chinese restaurants have menus that heavily feature seafood, and it is good to try it out even if you are normally apprehensive about it. Most likely the seafood dishes you have tried before did not taste anything like the ones you are looking at because of the different recipes and methods of cooking. If you are going to a Chinese restaurant, then look for their seafood section and try something with prawns, scallops, salmon, tuna or other fresh seafood produce. If you have never had Chinese food before, you may just end up falling in love with how they cook it.

Traditional Vs Modern

There are two types of Chinese restaurants: traditional and modern. Traditional Chinese restaurants derive their recipes and practices mostly from established sources within the Chinese culinary tradition. The food you are eating at those sorts of restaurants is what many people would be eating in China today and gives you a better understanding of their real cuisine. Modern or contemporary Chinese restaurants often have a lot of different influences that might affect the recipes and generally cater to a more western audience, so their meals incorporate ingredients that you wouldn't normally find in Chinese food but that are delicious none the less. Both are delicious, but you should understand what you want before going; otherwise, you could go to a place that doesn't serve what you are after.

Fast Food Vs Restaurant 

Just like with any type of region's cuisine, Chinese restaurants are either focused on providing quick food or in a setting more appropriate for sit-down meals. If you want a quick meal on the go, maybe during lunch at work, then your best bet is looking at a foodcourt or eat street nearby. The food is good at takeaway Chinese restaurants, but usually it is a bite more processed and less unique. If you want a full experience that will invigorate your taste buds, then your only real choice is to go to a restaurant and enjoy a multi-course meal. Take some friends and make it a night out by ordering multiple dishes and trying a little of each. There is nothing wrong with Chinese takeaway, but it just can't offer the same experience that a traditional restaurant-style meal can.