Two Tips for People Who Miss Dining Out at Their Local Chinese Restaurant

If pandemic-related restrictions in your area have caused your local Chinese restaurant is only able to offer takeaway for the time being, and you might miss dining on the premises. Here are some suggestions you might find useful.

Invest in a few things that will make eating your favourite Chinese food takeaway at home feel more special

If you have Chinese food regularly, then it might be worth getting a few extra items that will make your weekly or monthly Chinese takeaway feel special and give you the same kind of enjoyment you usually experience when dining in.

For example, rather than using the disposable chopsticks that come with your order, you could buy a pair of pretty ceramic chopsticks. Additionally, you might want to pick up a few small Asian-style bowls and spoons that you can use for things like hot-and-sour soup, dumplings, fried rice and soy sauce in. Lastly, you could purchase a tablecloth that features the lovely, ornate designs typically seen on classic Chinese fabrics.

After you have purchased these items and created a table setting that looks similar to that of a Chinese restaurant, you could find some traditional Chinese lute music online and play this whilst you're eating your food, in order to add to the restaurant-like atmosphere you've created.

Take advantage of the lower cost of takeaway and explore some other parts of the menu

Whilst you might miss certain aspects of eating your Chinese food in a restaurant, there are quite a few perks you can experience if you opt for takeaway instead. One of these perks is the cost of the food, which tends to be a bit lower than the price you would pay if you ate it inside the restaurant.

If you always get the exact same dishes each time you eat at a Chinese restaurant, you might want to take advantage of the slightly lower price of ordering a takeaway, by choosing items off the parts of the menu that you have never explored before. If, for example, you've always stuck to ordering a simple main course, such as sweet-and-sour chicken and fried rice, and never felt inclined to test out any side dishes, you could order a selection of these dishes to try. For example, try ordering mini crispy-duck pancakes, a selection of vegetable and meat spring rolls, a few wontons and some prawn toast. You could then discover a few new favourites, without having to fret about overspending on items that you're not absolutely certain you'll like.

If you are interested in Chinese food takeaway, contact a local Chinese restaurant and ask about their takeaway options.