How is a Self-Contained Apartment Different Than Standard Hotel Rooms?

If you travel often, you may notice that some areas offer self-contained apartments, which are apartments that are rented out to travelers by the owners. Being self-contained means that they offer everything you need for a comfortable stay, including linens, dishes, cookware, and the like. If you're planning a trip for yourself or your family, you might want to note how self-contained apartments are different than standard hotel rooms and what makes them such a favorite for travelers today.

1. They're unique

For those who travel often, hotel rooms often seem to blend in with one another, with each room looking exactly like the one you stayed in the night before. This is true even if you stay in different chains or franchises, and after only a short time, you might find that traveling is now boring just because you stay in the same "cookie cutter" room night after night.

Self-contained apartments are all different, as they're not offered by a chain or franchise of hotels but are offered by individual owners. They are decorated according to the owner's taste, and each will have a different layout and view, just as you would expect from different apartments. If you want a different accommodation each time you hit the road, finding self-contained apartments can be the right choice.

2. They're cozier

When you stay at a self-contained apartment, you may feel like you're staying at a second home or at a friend's house, versus staying in a hotel. Most hotels have industrial-grade carpeting and inexpensive drapes that are meant to suffer years of wear and tear versus looking and feeling comfortable, and of course, in a hotel, almost everything is bolted to the floor. In a self-contained apartment, you may be able to relax and feel as if you're truly on vacation and have more than just a roof over your head and bed in which to sleep.

3. They may offer more amenities

A self-contained apartment may contain its own washer and dryer, making it easier to do laundry while on vacation, versus having to find a Laundromat or pay a hotel for cleaning. While most hotels have a swimming pool like apartment complexes, not all of them have gyms or workout rooms, which are often offered with apartments. You may also find that an apartment has a larger selection of premium cable channels so you don't need to pay extra to watch a movie at night as you would with a hotel. These may seem like small amenities, but they can all add up to a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Keep this information in mind, and consider renting a self-contained apartment instead of a hotel room for your next vacation.