4 Reasons Sushi is Great First Date Food

Oh, the first date – both exciting and terrifying. One of the hardest things to decide, after you've plucked up the courage to ask someone out, is where exactly you'll be taking them. A restaurant remains one of the most popular choices, but what kind should you pick? Sushi might not be the first type of food that comes to mind, but it's a great shot.  

Here's why.

1. It's Bite-Size

Okay, sushi isn't the easiest thing in the world to eat, especially when you haven't had it much previously. However, it is both neatly put together and made of lots of small pieces rather than one big hunk of food. That means it's quite easy to carry on a conversation while you're eating it; it's really just like having large canapés.

First-date conversation can falter if there are lots of long pauses, and those tend to happen when you tackle larger meals. Little bites of sushi are enough to fill up your stomach, but you won't constantly feel like your mouth is stuffed.

2. It's Memorable

This is a first date, so you want to be memorable. Holding a boom-box outside his or her window is one way to go, but finding a fun restaurant is probably a better bet.

Sushi is a novelty to most people, with many restaurants having small dishes travelling around on conveyer belts, or even made right in front of you. Even if that's not the case, eating with chopsticks and trying things you've never had before is a blast and a guaranteed way to break the ice.

3. It Isn't Too Romantic

Picking a restaurant out for a first date is tricky; you don't want to go too casual, but anything overly romantic is going to seem a little odd. Dinner in the secluded booth of an intimate Italian eatery might be a little much, but a burger and chips could just give the impression that you don't care.

Fortunately, a sushi restaurant strikes the right balance. It feels cool and fashionable enough to be slightly impressive, but it doesn't strike too much of a romantic note.

4. It's Quick

Okay, worst case scenario: it turns out they are probably not the one. The purpose of a first date, after all, is to find out whether you connect with someone. Unfortunately, the answer will sometimes be a resounding 'No'.

It happens; no big deal. Of course, it is likely that neither of you will really want to stick around for a three course meal if things start to fizzle. Luckily, sushi is quick to eat, and there aren't usually set courses. If the date goes wrong, neither of you will be forced to stay put while you wait for the main.

Light, easy, fun, and memorable, sushi is perfect first-date fare, so skip the boring traditional options and try out a sushi restaurant, like Pink Rice, instead.