Steak House | 4 Golden Rules To Plan The Perfect Steak Meal

Going to a steak house is a good way to enjoy some perfectly cooked meats with your friends or loved ones. But getting your order just right requires some careful thought, especially if you're picky about the type of food you like. This guide will equip you with golden rules to plan the perfect steak meal.

Choose Your Steak Cut

Popular steaks for broiling or grilling in a steak house are those from tenderloin, short loin and rib beef cuts because of their enhanced juiciness, tenderness and taste, which are considered essential factors for good meats. Filet mignon or tenderloin fillet has a mild flavour and less fat marbling, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy natural lean meat tenderness without any overpowering flavour. Ribeye, porterhouse and T-bone steaks come with some fat marbling, which gives them a juicy and flavoursome taste.

Choose Your Side Dish Accompaniments

Planning the perfect steak meal involves adding a few side dishes to your meat. You can choose from simple salads for a lean and nutritious meal or you can choose fries and mashed potato for a more decadent helping. Some other popular side dishes for steak meals include roasted vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, creamed spinach, bruschetta, refried beans, onion rings and peas. Side dish accompaniments at the steak house are often based on individual taste preferences, so you typically have a wealth of options to choose from.

Choose Your Sauce

While some people prefer their steak meals without any accompanying sauce, others like the idea of having a few dollops to dip their steak or side dishes into. Béarnaise is a traditional French sauce with a hint of vinegar and fresh tarragon. Mushroom sauce is a blend of soft herbs, white wine, fresh cream, cheese and mushrooms with full-bodied flavour. Pepper sauce is a classic steak accompaniment, which includes the use of pepper, stock and fresh cream. Red wine sauce made with shallots, garlic and herbs is another popular steak sauce to go with your meal.

Choose An Escorting Drink

For a full-fledged meal at the steak house, you should ideally choose a drink that blends well with the steak. Red wine is the most popular choice because its tannins can help you get the most from your steak without meddling with the natural steak flavour. You can also choose white wines or soft drinks to go with your steak, but you'll ideally want to avoid anything heavy like beer because it can make you full faster without properly enjoying your meal.

Follow these golden rules to plan the perfect meal for your steak house visit.