3 Ways To Get More People To Order Your Pizzas Without A Massive Promotional Investment

Who doesn't love a good Italian pizza? Done right, pizzas are some of the tastiest dishes out there. But how do you get more people to order your delicious pizzas when you don't have a high promotional budget? A little bit of ingenuity will help you out-market your competition. Here are some ways to get more people to order your pizzas without a massive promotional investment:  

Give New Customers An Incentive To Buy More Pizzas From You Through Freebie Promotions

Every time you have a new customer order an Italian pizza from you, offer to throw in a few freebies like garlic bread, extra slices or drinks as a way to incentivise them to be back. Similarly, if you have new pizza flavour with unique toppings, hand these out to some of your most loyal customers to get them to try it. Freebie promotions barely cost you anything but they give customers a sense of satisfaction that their money is well spent. People who feel appreciated will almost always return, giving you a steady stream of new and returning customers.

Ask For Reviews About The Pizza Experience

If you're confident about the quality and authenticity of your Italian pizzas, then don't hesitate to ask for reviews and posts on social media and other platforms. Open business pages on social media platforms. Get your pizza business listed in local directories and on search engines so people can find it more easily online. Allow for reviews, and make sure you respond to every single one of them — whether positive or negative — so that people know their comments are taken seriously. You can turn negative experiences into positive ones by encouraging people to give you a second chance. Social media marketing won't cost you anything, but it has the power to get more people to order your pizzas through shares, comments and other forms of user engagement.

Offer To Cater Local Events At Discounted Rates

You probably don't have the budget to take part in major food festivals because of stall and participation fees, but you can aim smaller to begin with. Offer to cater at local events at discounted rates so that more and more people get a chance to taste your pizzas without any heavy investments. These community events are a good way to market your business to a new set of customers. Check for events in local schools, park areas, sports arenas and community centres to generate noise for your pizza business.

Use these ideas to build a strong customer base without a big promotional investment.