Choosing a Quick-Service Restaurant Business Model

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are a great way of serving the public with tasty treats in an informal setting. What's more, for many people who want to get into the catering industry, they offer a simple method of doing so. This is because so many QSRs are run as franchises. Therefore, entrepreneurs get all of the established marketing they need to get going for a minimal fee. If you are thinking about opening up a QSR without relying on a pre-existing business model in a franchise, then you can still do so. Read More 

3 Ways To Get More People To Order Your Pizzas Without A Massive Promotional Investment

Who doesn't love a good Italian pizza? Done right, pizzas are some of the tastiest dishes out there. But how do you get more people to order your delicious pizzas when you don't have a high promotional budget? A little bit of ingenuity will help you out-market your competition. Here are some ways to get more people to order your pizzas without a massive promotional investment:   Give New Customers An Incentive To Buy More Pizzas From You Through Freebie Promotions Read More 

Turn Your Next Dinner Party Into a Restaurant Experience

Looking to throw a dinner party with a difference? Why not turn your dining room into a restaurant? If you are looking for a cool way to impress dinner party guests, a restaurant theme is a great option, and one that can help you get organised early in terms of what you plan to serve. The menu doesn't need to be fancy. In fact, the simpler the offerings, the more fun the invitation (and subsequent party) will be. Read More 

Tips for Planning a Chinese Wedding Reception

If you are looking to organise a Chinese wedding reception, it's a good idea to get in early with the planning process. Chinese weddings tend to be big events, both in the number of people that are invited as well as the extravagance of the event. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start planning. Paint the town red Red is an auspicious colour in Chinese cultures and wedding receptions are a great time to use as much red as possible, incorporating it into the wedding decorations. Read More 

Steak House | 4 Golden Rules To Plan The Perfect Steak Meal

Going to a steak house is a good way to enjoy some perfectly cooked meats with your friends or loved ones. But getting your order just right requires some careful thought, especially if you're picky about the type of food you like. This guide will equip you with golden rules to plan the perfect steak meal. Choose Your Steak Cut Popular steaks for broiling or grilling in a steak house are those from tenderloin, short loin and rib beef cuts because of their enhanced juiciness, tenderness and taste, which are considered essential factors for good meats. Read More